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Finding resources for writing a research paper

Writing a research paper is more than a chore for most students. It can involve a lot of frustration and late nights working on something that you don’t like and don’t know exactly what to write for. If you’re having problems with finding resources to use for quotes and other research, it makes things so much harder. What are you supposed to write about if you don’t know the subject you’ve been given? Even if you chose your own topic, you still need to find sources of information to back up your statements. Your teacher will expect you to know your subject. Keep reading to find out exactly where you should look and how you can go about finding the best sources that both offline and online places have to offer.

Finding Good Sources – Offline

The first thing that you should do is check out your school’s library. You’re at school anyway, so you might as well take that chance to do some research. Use one of the computers to search for a broad range of topics related to your subject. Make sure to reword your searches to catch books with unusual titles or other related material that you might not find otherwise. Also do this at your city’s public library.

Another offline place to go for research is directly to professionals. If you’re writing about marine biology, for example, see if your local research station or zoo or university has any professionals in that field who teach or work at aquariums. Interview someone who is in the field and knows what they’re talking about.

Finding Good Sources – Online

The internet can have many, many materials that you can’t find anywhere else. The only thing you need to be aware of is that you make sure to only use quotes and research from reputable websites. Look for sites created by the government, professional organizations, local companies, and others that cite their own sources as well as have credible education to back them up.

Finding good resources isn’t too hard if you know where to look. Use these tips above to help make things easier on yourself and result in a better research paper. If you still find yourself getting overwhelmed, take a break. Often, you just need a rest from the work and when you do come back to it, it will be with a fresh perspective and more energy.