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An Excellent Manual For Writers of Research Papers

How to write a research paper:

  • Step 1: Identify a good topic to research.
  • The topic of your research paper will make or break the entire composition. Try to come up with an interesting subject. It helps if you can relate that topic to a current event or modern idea.

    If you are having a hard time deciding what to write about, try thinking about your interests. Choose a research paper topic that genuinely interests you on something that you are curious to learn about.

  • Step 2: Find Some Research Resources
  • The next step is to find some reliable research resources to work with. Traditionally the best place to go for these was the library. Now, many students turn to the Internet for research information. However, if you choose to do this be careful. Double-check that your resources come from reliable journals or news sources. You should also check the author’s credibility before citing them as an expert in your research paper.

    Once you have tracked down some useable research material the next step is to study the research material carefully. See if you can notice any common trends. This is where you may begin to formulate your thesis.

  • Step 3: Write A Thesis
  • Now that you have read a bit about your subject you may have begun to come up with a thesis concept for your paper. A strong thesis should be backed up with 3 or more examples or evidence points that come from research. From your readings and research you should be able to defend your thesis statement.

  • Step 4: Write An Outline
  • Once you have your thesis down and know what your main points are going to be the next step is to create an outline. An outline will make it MUCH easier to lay out your ideas and begin to organize your paper. Take the time to write your research points down in full sentences, this will save you time later. Also cite your sources as you go this will save you time when you have to list your references.

  • Step 5: Write Your Research Paper
  • Well, most of the hard work is now done. The final step is to bring it all together and actually write your research paper. Do this by using your outline as well as the knowledge that you have gathered from your reading. Make sure that all of your main points reflect back to your original thesis and stay on topic. Once you have finished writing go back, edit and revise your first draft.