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Term paper tips: how to hook reader's attention from the start

Consider the school instructor. This person, who lives primarily on chocolate and coffee, works in a field that is highly repetitive. For every assignment that the instructor gives, the instructor will have to grade every single one of them. Sadly, most instructors find that grading papers is the least enjoyable part of their jobs, especially when the papers are written with little care and concern for the reader. It is no wonder that instructors continue to assign more papers, because they really do want to read good papers with attention-getting ideas. To make your instructor’s life more enjoyable and to hopefully reduce the number of papers that your instructor assigns, here are some tips to writing good term paper:

  • Be creative: Students think that just because an assignment is called “term paper” that the term paper has to be boring. This could not be farther from the truth. The best term papers are crafted by writers who can play with words, create interesting sentences, and stay on topic. Instructors greatly appreciate it when students look like they want to not only inform and persuade, but also entertain their readers.
  • Write a great introduction: Your introduction is the one place where you can show your personality and be creative. The hook is the opening of the introduction, where you can grab your readers’ attention and get them to actually want to read your paper. It is a rare occasion when an instructor has his or her attention piqued so he or she actually wants to read a paper.
  • Know an introduction format: If you can have an introduction template in mind, you will always be able to craft a great introduction. One of the most interesting ways to begin any type of paper is with an interesting statistic. Since term papers usually require research, you should look for a statistic that is unexpected and fits with your subject. This statistic should be included in your first sentence. The second sentence should include an explanation of the statistic. Then, you include how you, personally connect to the statistic, even if the connection is distant. This part of the hook might be a few sentences. Then, you move into your claim. This simple format for an introduction is quite effective, especially when you go into creative details about your personal connection to the statistic.