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Basic Ingredients Of A Good Literature Research Paper Conclusion

When reading different articles on how to write a paper of any type, you will be told how important each and every step of the paper can be. Every section of the paper has a purpose and is made to capture the writer’s audience. Knowing the correct ingredients of a good literature paper conclusion is felt by most writers to be the most important step in getting your concept across to your reader.

Conclusion = Thesis

A good writer should always make sure that their conclusion stresses the importance of the thesis. The conclusion is expected to tie everything up into a little bow and leave the reader with a sense that the article was successful in arguing the thesis.

Summarize Paper

A goal of the conclusion is to summarize what the paper was about. You are constructing the last words on the issues you have produced in your paper. You are attempting to leave the reader with a new perspective on your article. At this point you may want to leave your personal opinion during the conclusion which will make the reader think about their opinions. Your goal was to create some type of emotion in your reader. Your thesis or argument might also have comments about future implications. At this time you may also want to bring up facts and figures that you never mentioned in the main body. Another way to think about it is that you may have saved the best for last.

Incredible Journey

As the writer of the research paper, you have worked extremely hard on your article. You are very proud of your work and you are confident that you have driven your point home. You have summarized your thesis as instructed and made sure that the article has left the recipient with a sense of wonder. Literature research papers are a little different because what people take away from readings is very subjective. You have done a fantastic job at making sure you have steered the reader to your way of thinking. Conclusions of your paper can leave a person with a sense that the reader has just experienced something special. The reader was led from the introduction and the thesis, through the body where we learned what the literary work was about to the phenomenal conclusion where a great writer will leave the reader sighing and wishing it wasn’t over.