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A Guide Providing You With Top 15 History Research Paper Topics

In order to present a good history research topic, there is a need for addressing the most important and relevant points of research problem. Also considerable efforts must be taken to collect relevant information on research themes/ topics for history research, which provide scope for collecting primary or secondary research sources.

The research must pay heed to the proper analysis and examination of relevant information collected in the process. It must also include opinions and arguments of research. History research topics provide great scope for collection of information through various historical documents, literature, encryptions, data, excavations etc. It really sounds interesting to write on a historical issue, event or a person who has made a mark in the past to be engraved in the books of history for their achievement and significant contribution for the most happening and notable events/ issues created in the past. The historical observations must not be based on what people want to hear, but rather what are the factual information available in the topic.

Some of the key events/ topics in history, which can be dealt with thorough research are:

  • Terracotta army buried with Qin Shi Huang
  • Role of Margaret Thatchet in world history
  • The holocaust tragedy
  • Arab Spring
  • Opium wars in China
  • Communism and top reasons for its failure in Russia
  • Treaty of Versailles
  • The creation of bills of rights and US constitution
  • The assassination of Abraham Lincoln
  • The great depression
  • The nuclear attacks on Hiroshima and Nagasaki
  • The Oklahoma City Bombings
  • Ronald Reagan’s “ Tear down this wall” speech
  • Women’s liberation movement
  • The Berlin wall
  • Cold war

In order to write a good research paper, an interesting and good research topic must be selected which raises a significant concern for a research study, by exploring on the historical research topic with the necessary research data on the same. Also, the researcher must be ready to take risks, by selecting an unconventional history topic, which challenges his wit in crafting a research paper. The chosen topic must be based on the interest of the researcher, as it would contribute to closer examination of the research paper and reflect the researchers interest towards the chosen topic through collection of minute details on the research topic and providing for greater understanding and analysis of the research topic.