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5 Most Interesting Argumentative Essay Topics

Writing an argumentative essay has its challenges. You have to choose a good topic and be selective when including talking points and evidence. You need something that will allow you to clearly express opinions on both sides while proving a valid argument. Nowadays it seems as if there is always something to argue about or take sides on. In other words, you have plenty of options to choose from but it helps to select something you are passionate about or have a strong interest.

There are so many subjects to consider such as social issues, the environment, finances, marketing, communications, and more. The main idea is to select something that you can write about that will give you plenty of details or supporting evidence. While it is challenging to determine the best topics, the following are general ideas that many students commonly write about.

  1. Technology. Does texting and using cellphones really make people more prone to accidents or improve abilities to multi-task? Why some people decide to never buy a cell phone or feel they hinder how we communicate to each other verses face to face interaction. How has technology changed the way we live our lives? Is it okay to change or alter DNA through scientific experiments?
  2. War and Military. How would you do away with having a war all together? Is there a country any closer to establishing peace? What are ways to decrease military spending? What are potential dangers of a cyber-attack?
  3. Culture and Race Relations. Should people be allowed to adopt children outside of their race or culture? Why do people purposely give others who are different a hard way when it comes to applying for a job or a loan (discrimination)? How can parents help their children accept other races and cultures?
  4. Women’s Rights. Should a teenage female have the right to get an abortion? Why some believe women are not worthy of earning higher wages. Do women make better leaders than men?
  5. Death Penalty. Should the death penalty be outlawed? Is it really okay to take someone’s life no matter what they did? Should certain crimes committed be considered for the death penalty (which ones)? Is there another way to pay for it instead of using tax payer monies? Protesting an execution and how one goes about planning one.