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Research paper: your thesis statement is very important

A thesis statement by definition is a one sentence, brief statement that addresses and issue and offers a solution or perspective. It states what the author is trying to claim in the paper. This is an essential part of the research paper writing process. A good thesis statement can make or break a paper.

Sets the tone for the entire paper

A thesis statement sets the tone for the entire paper. A good thesis statement does not only state the claim in the paper, but is also meant to capture the attention of the reader. The reader must be interested in reading the rest of the paper. The thesis statement can indicate if the paper is worth the reader's time.

Organizes the paper

The thesis statement also is an organizational statement for the paper. It sets the focus for the paper and lets the reader know what your paper will be about and what it is trying to prove and what you are contributing to the field. The stronger the statement, the less likely the author is to ramble or get off target.

How to write a good thesis statement

A good thesis is both organized and detailed and concise. It reveals the opinion of the writer and while it can include sine supporting statements, usually that is left to the rest of the introduction. Thesis statements can't be too vague like this:

“Japan has many interesting shrines”

This statement is too vague and makes for too much needed to be covered. There is no way to discuss every shrine in Japan in the parameters of the paper. A strong thesis statement would be

“The Shinto shrine in Japan is a significant, most culturally important shrine in Japan because it is meant to house sacred objects and keep them safe, not for regular worship”

The topic is specific enough, states the authors view and has a supporting statement as well. If the reader was interested in Japanese shrines and wanted to read about specific ones and their significance to Japanese culture, they would know this is an appropriate paper.

Thesis statements can make or break a paper. They need to be just specific enough to be able to state a clear, detailed focus with support, but not go into major details that would be the responsibility of the rest of the paper.