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Term papers tips: creating a note card

At some point during the academic year, most students at almost every level are going to be assigned a term paper. This research assignment is going to be assigned with the hope that a student is going to follow the writing process and learn all about the topic that the paper is assigned to cover. Unfortunately, it seems that more and more students are not given any instruction into what that process is. Writing a term paper should be relatively simple but students and teachers that over think it make it quite complicated. Learning how to use note cards appropriately can be one of the best writing tips that a research paper writer can place in their bag of tricks.

Organization is Key

One of the most difficult aspects of completing a term paper is to organize all of your material into something that you can handle. Some people use an outline to keep all the notes that they gather in order and to use it later. For many though a static outline doesn’t work very well because it is difficult to move information around. That is where note cards come in. Rather than record all of your thoughts on a static outline, they can be placed on note cards and organized by number. Not only does this allow for the organization of the research paper, but it also lets the information be moved from section to section. Once your cards are done well, the writing process is simply going to be compiling the information in a central location, called the draft.

Note Cards have Backs

Another great advantage of using a note card to compile your outline is that they have a back as well as a front. Most writers are going to be able to put any citations they need to use on the back of the note cards. It is convenient for the writing process to include whatever form of citation that you need. Also there can be other notes kept here about the information or other facts about the paper topics. If you need a little help in keeping your note cards organized there is a simple trick that you can employ. Simply color coat the sections of your paper. It can be done with a simple set of markers to mark each section with a particular color so that if they get mixed up replacing them will be pretty easy.