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The Best Finance Thesis Topics

The best Finance thesis topics are going to show a grasp of both historical analysis and future impact. While these papers are also meant to demonstrate your ability to develop, research and prove theory, they will also be very influential in defining the position you will gain in the Finance sector. Picking a topic that is too esoteric or too mundane, even if you can provide solid support for the thesis, will not help you in the job market. Below are a few sample ideas that are flexible enough to allow for solid argumentation, but will also serve to open doors to future opportunities.

Has Micro-financing and the Global Recession changed the Importance of Credit in Liability Management?

Prior to the global recession of the 2000s, micro-financing was the darling of the financial community. Many initiatives were launched in developing countries to assist them in gaining self-sufficiency, but now micro-financing is being looked to in helping developing nations exit their economic recessions. How will this impact the importance of credit ratings in the asset liability management in developing nations?

Asset Liability Management in Rural Banking

Asset Liability Management methodologies in rural banking is always an area worthy of exploration and new theories. As the world continues to strain its natural resources and the global economies become more intertwined, rural banking investments are beginning to have a broader impact on the wider financial market. How can changes be made to the asset liability practices to provide more security for the investments?

Economic Innovations Connecting Public and Private Sectors: A Positive Development?

There are more initiatives that serve to combine funding and investment between the public and private sectors to promote economic innovations than ever before. Much of this is in response to the budget cuts made necessary by economic recession and austerity practices. These initiatives are too young to have a proven track record, so is the forecast for the trend positive? Or will it result in an unforeseen financial fall?

The Future of Internet Banking

Internet Banking is gaining ground and respect. There are many issues concerning data reliability and security that are being raised as banks explore the industry. A close examination of the limited histories of virtual banking and money systems may be the key to predicting the future behavior of this industry. The real question at hand is what is the time frame for the virtual financial world to replace the real time financial sector and will it ever happen at all?