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College Essay Writing: How to Succeed

College essay writing can be exhaustive if not taking the proper precautions. In most cases, you will have several essays assigned all at once. Without the proper forethought, it is possible to spiral out of control and get overwhelmed. To avoid this regrettable feeling, the best way to succeed at writing college essays is to be organized, and plan well in advanced.


Knowing your assignments and when they are due is an essential part of succeeding at college essay writing. Organize your assignments in a planner and know when each essay is due, and for which class. Then, break down how many hours each essay will require of you. From then you can determine the scheduling of each essay for weeks leading up to the due date. It is best to work on one essay every other day, switching subjects in between if there is more than one essay. This is to prevent doing the work at last minute- or even worse, pulling an overnighter trying to get the material done and turned in, which is all too common with college students.


Before writing, do all the research for each subject at once. You can store all the research in one folder for organization purposes, having dividers for each subject. It is best to print out the research and review the findings thoroughly so that you are able to think about what you want to focus on before the writing process.


Once you determine when you will write the essays, prepare for each one by planning notes or making diagrams beforehand. This will help the construction of your essays, and will undoubtedly save you time in the process. By planning thoroughly, you are hedging your bets that your essay will read well while being clear and concise.

Editing and Proof Reading

The final touches are extremely important to any college essay, so take the extra time to find somebody willing to look over your final draft for you to see if they can find any mistakes. This is a great way to make sure that your essays are easily understand and conveyable to the reader. On campus, you should direct yourself to the writing center. Usually they offer editing services for free, and are a great help to finding mistakes that are otherwise overlooked when reviewing your own material. Be sure to take advantage of this great resource, and you will surely get constructive feedback to help your essay be the best it can be.