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Research Paper Topics: Efficient Techniques To Compose A Strong Paper

Research papers are among the most demanding college and graduate school assignments you will ever encounter. They demand weeks if not months of in-depth research on specific topic and require top-notch writing completely free of mistakes. The first step in writing a great research paper is developing a strong topic that is interesting, original, isn’t too narrow nor too broad and contributes to the discipline. Here are some techniques to ensure your topic meets all of these criteria:

  • Coming Up with an Interesting Topic
  • Before embarking on weeks or months researching and writing a paper is choosing a topic that is both interesting to you. You are more likely to put in more effort if you are answering questions about a topic that you already like. Working on something that interests you will also allow for your enthusiasm to come through and reach your audience. So before starting simply ask yourself some questions and whatever you are most looking forward to answering is a most likely a good subject.

  • Ensuring Your Topic Is Original
  • After coming up with a few possible research topics, you want to make sure that there isn’t already any work on the subject. The best method for checking is going to your school’s library and searching databases by using keywords and related topic phrases. Ask your reference librarian for some assistance and be sure to consider whatever suggested search terms they have to offer. This way you can be sure to have covered all of your bases.

  • Choosing a Topic That Is Focused and Manageable
  • This is extremely important. Too often students start on a research topic that is simply too large. Not only do they only scratch the surface but their paper also suffers by only briefly covering the content. Alternatively, choosing topic that is too narrow could be trouble as well since you decrease your chances of finding enough academic resources to use. Pick something between the two and you should have an easier time writing a quality paper.

  • Making Sure Your Topic Contributes to Discussion
  • You need to ask yourself critically what you are contributing to the discipline by writing on a specific topic. Research papers are meant to be read by academics that will either seek answers from you or have a place to start their own research. Your paper should never just be an overview but should bring a voice and opinion to the topic’s discussion.