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Term papers: how to use figures and tables

There are many different ways to use figures and tables in term papers in order to support the ideas of the paper. Sometimes it is best to use figures and tables to display the information because it can be difficult to explain everything in words. It can be difficult to explain some facts and information but it can be easier to present the ideas in a different manner. Therefore, the tables and charts can be used to increase the ease of reading.

  1. Charts and tables are used to present information that is difficult to be explained in just words. Instead it is possible to present the ideas in numbers and charts.
  2. Charts and tables are used to back up the information that has been presented in words, allowing for a visual example that can produce a very strong reaction in some people.
  3. Charts and tables can display differences in data that are slight or are vast. Using charts can help to show the differences whether they are small or large. The differences in results can be difficult to comprehend if the numbers are either very small or very large. Therefore, the chart and table can help to generalize the information and present it in a way that allows people to truly see the difference in the numbers and results.

There are many different types of tables and charts that can be used to present information in the term paper. Some of these include:

  • Vertical and Horizontal Graphs
  • Vertical and Horizontal Charts
  • Pie Graphs
  • Excel Spreadsheets
  • Interactive Maps

All of these charts and graphs are useful, but are best used when presenting certain types of information. It is possible to use a pie chart for various different visual demonstrations, but is best if the total can be split and can add up to a total of 100%. Then the chart can be split into different size slices in order to determine the different portions in relation to one another.

It is best to do some research to determine the most effective style of chart that will present the information in the best way. The paper information can be presented in this way in order to make the information easier to digest and assimilate. The information is able to be presented in a format other than words in order to back up the rest of the information that is presented in the paper.