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Interesting Compare and Contrast Essay Topics

Some students enjoy compare and contrast essays because it gives them the opportunity to weigh the pros and cons of certain issues in an intelligent way. You can find numerous good compare and contrast topics by reading books and academic journals, talking with your professor, watching the news and by asking yourself what your research interests are. Avoid highly controversial essay topics if you are not sure what the values of the readers are because some professors and classmates could be offended by certain stands you take on those topics, particularly if they have passionate views on the topics. Instead choose a topic that allows you to compare and contrast in a balanced manner and that lets the reader develop an opinion based on the facts you presented.

Jazz Music in the  20th Century vs. Jazz in the 21st Century

If you're taking a music history class you can compare the elements of jazz music in the 20th century with the jazz music you hear from today's jazz artists. Start with an introduction that states the various definitions of jazz over the years and the history of jazz music's influences and evolution through the 20th century. You can mention key movements in jazz history such as bebop music from the 1940s and 1950s with artists Charlie Parker and Dizzy Gillespie. You can also discuss the rock, soul and Latin influences in jazz between the 1960s and early 80s and how some jazz critics were not happy with it. Finally, discuss today's jazz music and how technology has affected it, and mention the heavy emphasis on experimental techniques among today's artists.

Creole vs Cajun Cooking

Some people are not sure about the culinary differences between Creole and Cajun cooking and you can compare the cooking techniques of Cajuns with the cooking techniques among those in New Orleans who have the Creole influence. To get research for this essay, you want to read a few books on this topic and look at credible online sources on the culinary differences. If you have relatives in Louisiana, call them and get their views on the topic.

Comparison of Child Discipline Methods

The subject of child discipline has been researched a great deal as the debate continues over whether corporal punishment is effective in child discipline. You can compare and contrast different methods of child discipline that exist today and list the pros and cons of each method. Be sure to keep your personal opinions out of the essay because you want to present a fair account of the topic.

When you decide on your topic for the compare and contrast essay, you should talk with your teacher to determine if it is appropriate for the subject of the class and if he suggests a different topic, consider his ideas and make changes to the topic. Make sure you proofread the essay for grammar and factual accuracy and you want to only use updated and credible data.