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Writing a Thesis Proposal – What’s the Trick?

Thesis proposals can be a real pain in the neck when you aren’t comfortable crafting them – and pretty much no one is comfortable crafting a thesis proposal. Contrary to what this article’s entitled, there really us no single, simple trick to creating a great thesis proposal. However, there are ways that you can improve the quality of your proposal – and they’re methods that don’t even require training! The trick to writing a thesis proposal is not to panic; just practice some of the key strategies listed below, and you’ll be writing papers like the pros in no time!

  • Take time to pick your thesis. Most students think they have to rush into choosing a thesis because it will give them more time to write. Here’s the truth: the more carefully you pick your thesis, the easier it will be to write on. Take time to develop multiple thesis ideas and consult with your professor on certain possibilities. Use thesis ideas that truly interest you, are unique or have some significant relevance to your field of study. The more care you put into the thesis, the more it will show in your proposal.
  • Pick great resources. Sorry, guys – buy Google searching for our proposal just won’t cut it. Use libraries and scholarly databases to fill your resource page, not obscure websites. By using these credible academic sources, you’re more likely to get a well-graded proposal returned.
  • Be clear, not fancy. A lot of students panic when they hear the words ‘thesis proposal.’ Suddenly they’re of the opinion that all of their writing has to be on par with Thoreau. This is simply not true. Don’t worry about making your paper fancy or prestigious; focus on communicating your ideas clearly and directly. You can add more to the mix later if you need it.
  • Make a plan. You’ve got to have a schedule if you’re going to compose a thesis proposal correctly. You need to set aside time for research, outlining, writing, editing and proofreading. This is probably the most fundamental trick to thesis proposal (or any type of) writing.
  • Have fun with it. A thesis proposal, like any paper, works better if you enjoy it. Add some catchy hooks into the paper or pick a topic that really has some exciting, astounding research behind it. The more fun you have the less a thesis proposal will seem like a chore, and the easier the words will flow onto the page.