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Martin Luther King

Martin Luther King Jr. died trying to improve lives of African-American society. He is considered to be the greatest American Political Rights leader in the American History. Martin Luther King was born in 1929 in Atlanta City. He studied at Moore House College. Martin Luther King Jr. wedded Corretta Scott while studying for his advanced degree at Boston Graduate School. They were blessed with four children and remained together until his demise. After completing his Ph.D. Studies, King begun to advocate for better world. His main agenda was to ensure that all people in America received equal rights. He became a pastor in Montgomery where he ministered at Dexter Baptist Church at a young age of 24.

In 1955, a lady known as Rasa Parks refused to give up her sit on a bus to a white man. It was according to the Jim Crow Laws. This is when King initiated the famous Montgomery Bus Boycott that lasted for more than three hundred days. At the time of this embargo, there was a lot of tension that caused the arrest and bombing of King’s house. Additionally, King suffered subjective abuse from a range of people. He was distinguished to be the head of African American Civil Rights Movement. The demonstration was later taken to US Supreme Court. The court found it to be unconstitutional to continue segregating people in public sectors. The court order helped to prohibit most racial isolation in many American cities. In 1957, King stared Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC) that was practiced to gather all the African American Churches to implement non-violent actions to help them achieve civil rights.

King saw the need and importance of this type of struggle in the American government. Most media stations televised protests and the public was able to see what was happening in the country. The coverage made the movement to be stronger in America. He held more massive protests in many cities of America which attracted the attention of the whole world. King engineered a peaceful protest in Washington, D.C with a large population of 250,000 people. This is where he released his famous speech of having a dream. During this period, King was arrested and assaulted by the authority and society. Apparently, King received five honorary degrees because of his activism. King was later assassinated on 4th April, 1968 at 6:01 in Memphis, Tennessee. His murder resulted to more protests in more than 60 cities across America. He was buried in Atlanta, King Centre.