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Formatting Guides for Structuring Your Business Research Paper

Whether you are studying finance, management, or marketing; writing a business research paper may be challenging. This assignment should have an original topic, a proper structure, and well-established formatting. You should write relevant content, pick the reliable arguments and examples, use strong vocabulary, and cover several aspects of the studied issue. Numerous online guides provide tips and tricks to make it easier to compose a great essay. Some useful guidelines are mentioned below.

  • Think Before You Write
  • You should do some homework before you start writing. The most important task is to determine the research problem. What question should you answer? Then, review the literature sources; including books, newspapers, statistics, and reports of the companies and international organizations. Use reliable resources and take notes.

    Arrange the notes and prepare a research paper outline. This plan is very helpful when you need to organize your thoughts and remember all the details. Make sure every new idea follows the internal logic of the paper.

  • Start Writing and Follow the Structure
  • Develop the main ideas and write the key points, then add necessary examples and explanations. Use the notes and pay attention to the vocabulary. Keep to the business-letter style but be careful when you use professional jargon. Make sure the paper includes the following components:

  • An introduction:
  • This is the first paragraph of the assignment. State the research subject, goals and objectives, and identify the thesis statement. Stay specific and avoid general phrases.

  • Some background:
  • It makes sense to add a concise description of the theoretical approaches you use. In case you want to conduct a case study, present its organization and limitations.

  • The main body:
  • This is the main part of the research paper where you should provide the findings based on the chosen sources. Provide clear arguments and try to demonstrate a rational debate. It is better to cite as you write, so learn about the recommended reference method. An effective rule is to use ten or more references for every thousand words of text.

  • A conclusion:
  • Every research should have an outcome according to the goals and objectives. The summary points have to support the thesis statement and your hypothesis. Business papers often provide guidelines for further study or practical recommendations for the stakeholders.

  • Works cited:
  • If you do not use the Harvard citation method, you have to prepare a list of references.

When the text is ready, you need to edit the paper and check the general formatting, grammar, and spelling.