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Research Paper on Animals in Macbeth

Animals and their significance in Shakespeare’s play, Macbeth, have many reviewing different aspects of animal imagery and how it appears in written works.  People continue to explore the concept even if they don’t understand the creativity behind it.  Different research papers about animals in Macbeth explore and compare how the concept was used in other Shakespeare plays.  Reasons for animal imagery in this case included portraying foreshadowing; character development to encourage or draw different emotions from the audience. 

Thesis statements for various research papers on this topic included looking at why Shakespeare chooses to use animals for character development and evoke different levels of emotion from his audience.  For those who are familiar with Shakespeare’s work, answering related questions pertaining to his animal imagery and foreshadowing concepts may be easier to understand. 

There are different research papers available online that were written on this concept.  Many have a different take on how Shakespeare used animals to convey emotions.  A basic idea included using an animal and attaching it to a certain meaning.  It would create a specific tone to the reader or the audience to follow.  The idea was that the play Macbeth used animal imagery to portray emotional and personality changes that occurred throughout the play.

Evidence of animal imagery included quotes and scene acts from Macbeth.  Some papers would use quotes from the play (what was said by a character), or papers may reference a part of the play by providing an act number, scene number and lines.  Research also reviewed ways at which how Shakespeare increased or strengthened the connection between his characters and his readers.  Meaning, some felt the connection is deeper than just emotions commonly experienced by humans.

Different scenes and acts that were discussed and compared in various research papers also look at how you could tell a downfall was near for a character.  For instance, readers could pick up when a character lacked an emotion or quality they needed to be good or evil.  Some explored how Macbeth was a mix of real and false circumstances and metaphors to evoke feelings you can relate to.  The play offers suspense, frustration, sadness, confusion and more.  Papers on this topic reviewed Shakespeare’s creative writing techniques that created unique scenes with dramatic purpose.