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Helpful prompts for revising a research paper

Revising your research paper is important and many students do not realize how significant this step is when it comes to research paper writing. You could experience a lower grade if you don’t take the time to clarify your text. This is an opportunity to review what you have written and to make sure you have the information you need to create a thorough presentation with quality content. There are various options to consider when revising your paper that you can use, but the following points are just a few to help you get started.

  • Refer to the instructions of your assignment for clarification. There are times in which instructors may provide a prompt of piece of information that you should consider in helping you revise your content.
  • Review to see if you have mentioned any piece of information your instructor wanted you to include in your paper. As you review this information you can highlight it as you come across it on your paper to help you mark off the task as being done.
  • Make sure your thesis statement is solid, clear and to the point. You may have access to tools that will help you understand how a thesis should be written. If needed, determine which areas need improvement. You should also consider other points mentioned throughout the text of the paper to make sure they directly connect to your thesis.
  • If your paper is an argumentative piece do you explain both sides of the argument to help provide clarification of the subject matter? Even if you are for one side you should present details from both to show opposition and an effective argument.
  • Take a break from reviewing your content to allow yourself to absorb information. You can do another activity such as read, play a game or have a meal. If possible you could wait a day or two. Come back to your content with a fresh mind to help you be aware of possible errors or mistakes to change.
  • Proofread and edit your content. Go through your paper and read it over. Mark or highlight areas that need to be changed. Check grammar, spelling and review citations and formatting to ensure content is presented correctly. Have someone else read your content to ensure clarity. Your overall message should come through clearly as you have intended it.