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Vivid And Explicit Examples Of Research Papers In MLA Format

One of the most commonly used formats for research papers in college is the MLA format, or Modern Language Association. The MLA style is used to ensure students properly cite their sources and provide a works cited page to let readers know where the information was obtained from. Using this style is designed to help build credibility when covering a topic. If the sources are not properly cited, it can be considered plagiarism.

Formatting an MLA Style Research Paper

  • Font Style should be Times New Roman
    • 12 pt. font size
    • Regular and italics font
  • Spacing and Margins
    • Double spacing format
    • Single spacing after sentences
    • 1 Inch Margins
    • First line indent
      • ½ inch from left margin
      • Use Tab for indent
  • Headers
    • Running header
      • Page number in right corner
      • ½ inch from top
      • Flush with right margin
  • End notes
    • Last page before Works Cited Page
    • Should be center alignment
    • Do not format

Make sure to set up your format before you start working on your essay. The specific MLA formatting is important, if it is not used your facilitator could deduct points.

The font style should be 12 pt. Times New Roman or Arial font; your facilitator may have a general preference so be sure to ask. Your paper should be double spaced and have a single space between each sentence. Set your margins at 1 inch with a first line indent ½ inch from the left margin. It is better to use your Tab key to properly gauge this.

You should always have a running header with the page numbers in the upper right corner. These are ½ inch from the top and flush with the right margin. Add any endnotes on an individual page with a non-formatted center alignment. MLA style tries to avoid end notes and foot notes to keep your essay from looking cluttered.

MLA style is used for many humanities and liberal arts degree programs. Ensuring your paper is formatted properly is an important part of the MLA style. It is designed to help organize an essay for high quality readability. This article covers the details of basic formatting for MLA style. Many educational websites offer an MLA style and formatting guide to show an example of what your essay should look like.