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College English Research Paper Topics: Following Professional Advice

Writing a research paper is not very hard if you listen to those who have spent a life with these things. You will not be able to create a great research paper no matter how skilled you are, if you do not listen to the experts of this field. Every field has professionals and skilled people who have been in business since decades. You should learn from them rather than denying their ideas. It is a good way to consider them your competition but you need to learn from them to be able to beat them.

College students are usually looking for easy ways to solve their homework assignments. They are waiting for a miracle to happen and get their readymade assignment to be submitted. Well miracles do happen. You can easily look for topics on the internet or guidebooks.

Example essay topics for a research paper in English

Here are some topics for research paper examples you can use for your English paper

  1. Is William Wordsworth a poet of diverse talents? Do you think his poem daffodils can be a good read for high school students
  2. What does the literature of a nation show about its culture and history?
  3. Does technological advancement do good for literature or is it the opposite
  4. What is easy to write, a story, fiction novel, drama, play, poem, phrase, or a quote?
  5. How to write an effective literary review essay
  6. What is the best way to paraphrase a poem in a short time
  7. How to write a summary of a novel
  8. Who was the most successful author among children stories
  9. How to write a five paragraph research essay without making a mistake
  10. What is the most popular form of story writing

If you look at these topics, you will get an idea of the topic you have to choose. It is not necessary that you agree with all the topics mentioned above. These are just to give you an idea. You can create reverse or alter them to write your own topic. Make sure that the topic you choose follows the instructions given by your teacher. In addition, it is very important for the students to have an interest in the topic. If a student does not feel passionate about his paper, he will get bored and will not be able to finish his paper on time.