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Help Me Write My Research Paper

Studying becomes a challenge when you enter higher levels which are accompanied with essays, assignments, term papers, and thesis and research papers. While students are accustomed to preparing for tests, writing academic papers in higher levels is generally new to most. Learning the basic skills about writing academic papers could appear nerve racking to students. Nonetheless, one cannot avoid the fact that you have to deal with papers during college and universities. The best way to tackle any paper successfully is to ‘think’ about it. Reflection is the key to breezing through the process of writing a paper. Read through this article and find some useful tips that would allow you to overcome your anxiety when assigned with a research paper.

Formatting determines grade

Crucial to any research paper is formatting. It determines half your grade. While this may seem like an overstatement, think about all those classes you take in college where your instructor emphasizes upon formatting most of the time. While genre, topic selection are databases for research are equally important and will be discussed in the next section, it is necessary to know that if your proper does not follow the principle guidelines pertaining to formatting of the paper, your written material will not be able to do anything to save you. For instance if you are writing a research paper in Psychology, you must have an understanding of APA because your professor wants to judge your skills in formatting alongside the written material. Most students undermine the importance of formatting which drops their grade. Do not take the referencing styles for granted. They are being taught for a reason. Once you properly format the paper, and then choose your audience.

Who will be my audience?

This step comes after genre and topic selection for which you need to look up the databases. Most universities offer to renowned databases such as JSTOR and EBSCO, if you are in doubts about using them, you can always ask your database manager for help. However, once your topic is finalized, you will have to know who you are catering to i.e. your audience. When you are a student, your primary audience will always be your instructor. For instance you are asked to carry out a research paper on sexuality and gender identification, you must make sure that your paper follows the etiquettes and guidelines set by your professor. When you are in a class setting, there are often some restrictions. While you may be made to imagine that your work covers a larger audience such as psychologists and sociologists, your immediate audience must not escape your attention. Write for your professor. He likes it. You win it. If he doesn’t, then you lose it all.

Writing a research paper is usually anxiety-provoking for a student but following the two aforementioned rules in addition to others such as topic selection, tone, language, word choice, etc, any student can easily ace their research paper.