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A List Of 30 Sample Research Paper Topics That Will Impress Your Professor

When you need to write a research paper, there are some important things you need to keep in mind. First of all, an interesting topic is vital if you want to make your teacher interested. The subject that you choose has to be not only attractive, but also easy to explore and to be able to find enough information about it. We made a list with some of the best topics that will impress your professor.

  1. Democracy-The history and origins of democracy.
  2. The Cold War.
  3. The two World Wars- the causes and how they affected the political map of Europe.
  4. Communism- Until a few years ago, many countries from Europe were dominated by communists.
  5. Soviet Union- How was it formed and what lead to its destruction.
  6. The ideology of Nazism.
  7. Personal history of Hitler- the events that lead to his hate against other races.
  8. Holocaust-if possible, try to find actual confessions of ex-prisoners.
  9. The revolution of Romania-in 1989 Romanians made revolution against the communist regime.
  10. The monarchs of Europe- a brief history and a description of the society in those times.
  11. The Industrial Revolution in Europe- how this affected the people and what were the consequences of long term.
  12. The Inquisition.
  13. The history of religions- a little bit about each known religion and the things they have in common.
  14. The five pillars of Islam-Islam is currently the 2nd biggest religion in the world.
  15. The beginning of Christianity- the evolution of the Christian ideology.
  16. Arab Spring- the causes and how this affected the West.
  17. The society levels of India- Way beyond what we know today as human rights, India’s society is functioning with ancient laws.
  18. The philosophers of Greece- choose your favorite one and present a few texts written by him.
  19. The Roman Empire.
  20. Your favorite book- make a short description and mention your favorite elements.
  21. A personality that inspires you.
  22. Types of personality.
  23. The psychology of the masses- what is our role in a group.
  24. Alternative Education- why so many parents prefer to choose something else instead of regular schooling.
  25. Ancient Egypt.
  26. What is the impact of technology on the young generation?
  27. Pollution- simple ways to prevent it.
  28. Extinct species.
  29. Discrimination- what are the causes of discrimination and how students can fight against it.
  30. The importance of Education in the life of young children.