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Important elements of the analytical essays

Analytical essays are interpretive essay which involve analysis or interpretation of a subject. An analytical essay comprises of your own interpretation of the topic or data set which includes some literary or scientific piece of work. Analytical essay are written when you want to analyze or interpret some scientific article, research paper, literary essay or any other kind of work. There are important elements in an analytical essay which need to be kept in mind while writing such an essay.

  • Determine interpretation: the first and foremost element of analytical essays is interpretation that you are going to develop. So once you have decided to write analytical essay on a certain piece of writing, you need to determine your own interpretation. Your interpretation can be in any way you want it to be. It can be supportive, critical or both.
  • Thesis statement: thesis statement of your analytical essay will comprise of two components: opinion and subject. Subject will be your character in case of literary essay. It varies in other cases. While opinion is going to be what you think about that character or topic. Thesis statement combines these both to give reader an idea of main discussion in your analytical essay. Thesis statement is a very important component or element of analytical essay. It should be very clear and straight
  • What to analyze: the next main element in analytical essay is the point of discussion in the subject. Your piece of work or subject has different attributes. You will discuss what interests you the most in that subject. You can discuss merits and demerits of subject. The prime focus will be on how the writer dealt with subject according to your own opinion.
  • Details or evidence: it is also important to discuss those factors in detail that you have highlighted in your analysis of the subject. You analytical essay will be more persuasive if you add some facts or evidence regarding your points.
  • Summary: your essay should summarize the whole thing at the end. It is a form of conclusion. At the end of analysis, you must summarize all the points that you have discussed in the essay. Paraphrasing of thesis statement also plays influential role at this stage.

Analytical essays are a very key form of essays. For writing an analytical essay, you must have strength of argumentation and grip on the subject that you are going to interpret.