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Page Research Paper Topics: Choosing a Narrow Area to Explore

It is a common thing for scholars to select a topic for their research paper only to realize later on that it is too broad. Often, few students will become conscious of this prior to conducting a lot of research. Besides, most of the research carried out during the first phase is somewhat worthless once one has narrowed down their topic. In order for an excellent research project to be meaningful and manageable, it has to be narrowed down. 

Determining your area of interest or an uncertain subject is often the first step during the research process. For instance, you want to discuss alcoholism, computer networks, or illegal migration in your five paged research paper. Nonetheless, these subjects are quite broad, and hence you may want to look for a research topic narrow your area of exploration. Most of the times, you will begin with a general subject area before you generate a good research topic. After determining your subject area the next thing is to conduct a preliminary exploration of that subject. Gain some knowledge about what the subject area entails; additionally, you will learn if there is detailed information of the subject. Once you have done this, you can narrow and shape the already determined subject into a particular topic.

It is worth noting that a topic and a subject are two different things – the latter covers a broader spectrum of interest, and a specific topic can be derived from it. Thus, a research topic is a narrow area to explore, and it ought to be discussed in accordance with the page length guidelines provided by your tutor. Furthermore, it ought to be presented in question form; a better approach is use question words like how, who, what, where, why and when. Here are few examples of excellent topics that you can choose:

  • What Effective Strategies Have Schools Devised to Teach Children How To Read?
  • What Are the Most-Recent Speculations Concerning the Origin of the Universe?
  • How Does Alcoholism Affect a Country’s Economy?
  • What Measures Should the Government Take In Order to Control Hate Speech and Pornography Watching on the Web?
  • How Does Illegal Immigration influence The Economy of United State?

Each and every one of these research topics is an open-ended question. The researcher has phrased them in a way that is inviting diverse perspectives.